Mar 21 2017

Debate For Casino License

Brent will visit London on August 29, 2006 to present to the public to opportunity to examine the pros and cons of its application for a super casino license. The government had set up a panel that would select one site that will become the home of UK’s first super casino.

The examination would be in the form of round table discussion to cross examine Brent. The participants include the council and some invited guests by the panel.

Prof Stephen Crow, CAP chairman said, “As parliament has already decided that there should be one regional casino in Britain, the panel will expect participants to give their views on why or why not it should be in Brent rather than their views on gambling generally.”

For those who want to participate in the examination should write to the panel secretary no later than 4pm on Thursday, August 10. And write a brief summary of the case. The panel will go through the applicants and decided who they will invite. The chosen applicants will receive an invitation regarding the application.

The other seven locations of UK will hold a public examination for the regional casino license. The venue for the examination will be announced later at the CAP’s website.…