Mar 2 2018

Commission Laws Still Unclear

Unless the new gambling laws to be issued by the Government and Gambling Commission in the UK are to be delayed, the gaming and gambling industry will just have to second-guess the details of the new laws.

This early, industry players are expecting a mess and confusion once the new laws are implemented as council officials can not start preparing policy statements without clear guidance from the Government and the Gambling Commission.

The detailed guidance on the new laws will be published in November, which leaves the Local Authorities Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services (Lacors) a very tight 8-week period (Christmas and New Year break included) to prepare for the implementation of the laws before they start processing applications on January 31, without any time left for training staff or establishing IT systems.

Lacors representatives are set to meet Richard Caborn, the Sports Minister, to ask for the guidance that would help in their preparation or to simply allow the implementation date deferred from September 2007 to April 2008.

Lacors has written to Caborn setting out its complaints, as over 30,000 casinos, racecourses, bookies and bingo halls are waiting for the guidance.

Lacors Chairman Geoffrey Theobald said, “Councils are in the dark and are unable to put in place coherent policies because guidance and regulations from the Government haven’t been forthcoming. It also makes it difficult to provide local businesses and people with clear advice.”…

Jun 13 2017

Caesars Uses Closure

Roulette wheels were encased. Gaming chips were locked up. Caesars was an eerie place. Thursday with its banks of slot machines turned on as if ready for gamblers who wouldn’t be coming.

The $15 million Palace East Asian gaming area – just opened last week – resembled a museum piece. Carol and Charlie Yeager, both 57-year-olds from Philadelphia, couldn’t valet-park their car at the Hilton because staff was laid off due to a steep decline in occupancy.

The Hilton kept two restaurants open, including one gourmet room. Noncasino restaurants such as P.F. Chang’s in The Quarter at Tropicana remained open, a boon to Frank and Kim Izzi of Washington Township, in town with 14-year-old daughter Sam, and baby Gabriel.

Donna Lamaine, of Riverton and Atlantic City, said The Borgata resembled a ghost town Thursday, so she shopped at the Pier at Caesars. The bus company that brought them to Atlantic City refused to pick them up with the casino closed. Russo said: “This won’t keep me from coming back. It’s the only game in town.”…

Jun 8 2017

The Gambling Eden Of Asia

Marina Bay Sands and Resort Casino, the first ever casino in Singapore, will be constructed in downtown Marina Bay. The largest casino firm by market value, Las Vegas Sands, has bested three other casino industry rivals to win the casino deal.

Right now, Las Vegas Sands is in the final design of the US $3.6 billion facility. The construction of hotel towers, game arcades and three hundred convention rooms will start in the latter part of the year and it is expected to open in 2009.

According to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong last April, the projected casino is a reversal of a ban on casinos. With the new casino, Singapore will have the same buzz as London, new York and Paris.

The casinos plan to employ ten thousand people and will create twenty thousand jobs in other industries, but the possibility of an increased number of job oportunities does not appeal to all Singaporeans.

Christians and Muslims had made publicly known their concerns about the negative effects of gambling in the society.

To counter the possible gambling addiction, a national council to handle problem gambling has already been set up. They also plan to implace a levy of SIN $100 entry fee or $2,000 annually. The levy might be helpful to curb or prevent the possible problem gambling addiction in Singapore that are experiences in other parts fo the world.

Presently the gambling industry of Asia is now valued at US$ 14 billion annually and this figure is expected to grow as South Korea, Macau, Vietnam and the Philippines plan to expand their land based casinos.…

Mar 21 2017

Debate For Casino License

Brent will visit London on August 29, 2006 to present to the public to opportunity to examine the pros and cons of its application for a super casino license. The government had set up a panel that would select one site that will become the home of UK’s first super casino.

The examination would be in the form of round table discussion to cross examine Brent. The participants include the council and some invited guests by the panel.

Prof Stephen Crow, CAP chairman said, “As parliament has already decided that there should be one regional casino in Britain, the panel will expect participants to give their views on why or why not it should be in Brent rather than their views on gambling generally.”

For those who want to participate in the examination should write to the panel secretary no later than 4pm on Thursday, August 10. And write a brief summary of the case. The panel will go through the applicants and decided who they will invite. The chosen applicants will receive an invitation regarding the application.

The other seven locations of UK will hold a public examination for the regional casino license. The venue for the examination will be announced later at the CAP’s website.…